Cailleach Storming at the Gates

by Suncross

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A track from our upcoming release detailing the Gaelic mother goddess Cailleach. A one-eyed, blue-faced hag associated with bears, owls, and death, she is said to bring winter to the land when she washes her féileadh-mór (great plaid) in the churning sea.

Vociferous anger in Caledonian hills.


I have heard tell of a hag
Who howls blue-faced in the hills
Beira, jealous queen
Gnashing teeth of rust

Her cloak is white, her reign is long
And she watches from her throne
To ensure that her handiwork is fine
Winter o'er the land that bears her name

I have never seen her whistling hills
Nor have I dared to climb her throne
But I have heard of the ancient hag
And I know her winter well
My blood rose up as a spring from the soil
In the land that bears her name
Vociferous anger in Caledonian hills
Howling hag upon the mounts


released April 2, 2016
Kveldulf - Clean vocals, low harsh vocals, bass, tin whistle
Turenn - High harsh vocals, guitars, production



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Suncross Ontario

Suncross was assembled in its current incarnation in 2015 by Kveldulf, enlisting the talent of multi-instrumentalist Turenn.

Suncross is designed to explore the mythology of old Europe and the mysteries of nature within the context of heavy and atmospheric music.

Archaic ritual music for the modern world.
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